Complete Removal of ScammerLocker Ransomware from PC

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ScammerLocker Ransomware is the harmful crypto-virus that comes under the category of ransomware family. It is mainly created by cyber criminals with the main only intention to extort money from the innocent users. Cyber security researchers noticed that this ransomware virus is the newer version based on the Open-source ransomware project named as HiddenTear. It was first discovered on March 2018. Once it gets activated on the system, it will inspect your entire system and start encrypting the file using AES-256 cryptography algorithm. It will add .jodis suffix to the file names after encrypting the file. After encryption, it will display a ransom note on the computer screen named as FILES_ENCRYPTED.txt. The ransom note contains a brief description of encrypted files and describes the mode of payment to buy decryption key.

ScammerLocker Ransomware

Cyber criminals behind ScammerLocker Ransomware tells users that you only get back your file by paying ransom in the form of crypto-currency and also encourage users to buy decryption key from designated wallet address. The price of the decryption key is 10 IOTA which is also a crypto-currency. The decryption tool is stored on the remote server of cyber criminals. ScammerLocker Ransomware is mainly infiltrated in the system with the help of spam email attachments, via exploit kits, freeware and shareware downloads, visiting suspicious sites, peer-to-peer sharing of the network and much more. But, users always aware to avoid such kind of activities such as never open junk emails from unknown senders, stop visiting unwanted sites, never install or download software from suspicious sites, etc.

After infiltration, ScammerLocker Ransomware makes new registry entries in Window Registry to achieve high-level persistence that can allow other malware infection in the system. It can also block Window Firewall and other security tools to be undetected. It is strictly prohibited that never pay any money to the cyber criminals. It is not sure that you will receive decryption key successfully after paying ransom money. Once you make payment, you also support their malign business. Therefore, it is highly suggested you to remove ScammerLocker Ransomware as soon as possible from the PC.

Step-1: Uninstall ScammerLocker Ransomware and unwanted, suspicious or malicious programs from Control Panel.

Uninstall ScammerLocker Ransomware from Windows 8

1. Move your mouse cursor to the right edge of your screen >> select Search option >> type in Control Panel and press Enter;
Remove ScammerLocker Ransomware
2. Select Uninstall a program under Programs;
3. In Programs and Features window, click Installed on to see all recent installed software;
get rid of ScammerLocker Ransomware

4. Right click on ScammerLocker Ransomware and other unwanted or unknown programs >> click Uninstall

Uninstall ScammerLocker Ransomware from Window 7 / Vista

1. Click Start button >> click Control Panel >> Select Uninstall a program under Programs;

2. In Programs and Features window, click Installed on to sort for all recent installed software;

3. Right click on ScammerLocker Ransomware and other unwanted or unknown programs >> click Uninstall

Step-2: Remove ScammerLocker Ransomware with SpyHunter Easily.

1. Click the button below to download SpyHunter Free from its official website safely:

2. Click Download Free Scanner button >> Click Save button

Notes: Your PC may pop up warning just after you download the software Do not worry, it is a FALSE positive caused by virus on your PC. Please click “Keep” button to run it

3. Double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe and follow its instructions to install SpyHunter.

4. When SpyHunter is installed, click Start New Scan to scan your entire computer to find ScammerLocker Ransomware and other malicious PC infection.

ScammerLocker Ransomware free removal tool

5. Click Fix Threats button to remove all detected threats once SpyHunter completes the scan.

get rid of ScammerLocker Ransomware free

Important Tips: Following the above steps will remove ScammerLocker Ransomware infection & other malicious infection completely, But this removal process does not repairs the registry enteries which was made dirty by ScammerLocker Ransomware So you need a registry repair tool to fix all registry files, it’s highly recommended to run RegHunter, which is award winning system optimizer which finds out and fixes all system errors or bugs and maximize running speed of your PC.

Follow steps below to fix the corrupted files and optimize your computer performance with RegHunter.

Step-3: Run RegHunter to eradicate Registry corruptions and system errors caused by ScammerLocker Ransomware and other PC threats.

1. Click the button below to Download RegHunter from it official site safely:

2. Click Free PC Diagnosis button >> click Save button

Notes: You PC may pop up this warning after you download it. Do not worry, it is a false Positive caused by virus on your PC. Please click “Keep” button to run it

3. Double-click RegHunter-Installer to install it once it is downloaded.

4. Follow its instructions to finish the installation.

5. Make a Registry scan when RegHunter is installed.

6. Click Repair All Errors button to fix all detected errors and corruptions caused by ScammerLocker Ransomware

Step 4 (Optional): Reset Chrome, Firefox and IE settings if ScammerLocker Ransomware virus still appears:

Reset Chrome settings

1. Click Chrome Menu button >> click Setting from drop down menu

how do i remove ScammerLocker Ransomware

2. In search box, type “reset setting” >> click “Reset settings” button:

3. Click Reset button.

(Notes: By resetting Chrome, your important personal data like Bookmarks and Passwords will not be removed. It only removes your Chrome extensions, settings, cookies, history, home page, default search engine to delete malicious files of ScammerLocker Ransomware virus. )

Reset Firefox settings

1. Click Firefox Menu button >> click “Open Help Menu” button >> click Troubleshooting Information button:

how can i remove ScammerLocker Ransomware

2. Click Refresh Firefox button >> click Finish.

Reset Internet Explorer settings

1. Open IE >> click the menu button, and select Internet options.

2. Click Advanced tab >> click Reset button.

free antivirus to remove ScammerLocker Ransomware

ScammerLocker Ransomware is considered as malware, adware, PUP or browser hijacker that could paralyze your PC and even put your private data in wrong hand. To avoid further damage and problems, it’s advisable to download & install SpyHunter and RegHunter to remove ScammerLocker Ransomware timely and fix all system corruptions.

Download SpyHunter

Download RegHunter

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